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Marc Schiller – Man With a Vision

Marc Schiller- Man With a Vision

Insomnia, which means ‘no sleep’ in Latin, is defined as the inability to either go to sleep or stay asleep, waking up too early or feeling unrefreshed after sleeping. It is estimated to affect about 30% of adults in the U.S. alone.

Marc Schiller wants to change all that. Marc is the President of City Mattress and along with his older brother Stephen, City Mattresse’s CEO, they have developed a line of superior mattresses along with their bedroom furniture.  City Mattress was started in 1964, by their father, Jay Schiller in Buffalo, NY.  The business has since expanded to Florida in the ’90′s.  City Mattress’s enormous success has been accomplished by the company’s guiding principle; treat people the way you want to be treated.

Bottom line though, besides the company’s impressive integrity, is…they have a KILLER product! Their Prana mattress ‘wipes out’ pain. Just ask my friends, Patty and Sally, two very hard working nurses.  Sally was in crippling back pain and within a week of sleeping on her new mattress, declared to me, ‘Jane, now I have NO PAIN AT ALL!’

“Prana” is Sanskrit for  ”breath”  and according to City Mattress’s website, is the life  energy that flows through the spine, branching into the nervous system and  recharges us from head to toe, sole to soul.  Many of the mattresses are covered in ‘Outlast’ a material originally developed for NASA to be used in space suits to help keep the astronauts continuously comfortable in the extreme temperature swings of space.  Any sleep tech will tell you, that the two things that induce sleep, are temperature and light.  The cooler the room and the darker the room, the better.  

Especially for women, the Outlast material helps with night sweats and the temperature changes many women experience. This is why I recommend the Prana mattress to all my patients.


But why I wanted to ‘Inner View’ Marc is because- He’s an interesting man.  A man who wants to change the world for the better.  And a man who ‘walks the talk’ … all the way to Kilimanjaro!


1.  A company being ‘green’ as in conserving natural  resources and being socially responsible is the ’in’ thing now. (’bout time!) How does a business keep growing successful while maintaining an awareness and commitment to the planet and the people it serves?  


 —What many people don’t realize is that, in many cases, going green can translate in to a decrease in expenses and thereby an increase in profitability.  Most green initiatives having to do with saving power ultimately result in cost savings be it over months or even years.  Developing healthy business habits, with the environment in mind also allows for business growth while being aware of the planet.


2. In the sleep lab, we usually see women post-menopausal, whose sleep is wrecked by hot flashes, along with aches and pains. Outlast and the Prana mattress addresses both of these issues. Who came up with the brilliant idea of having ‘Outlast’ on your products? 


 —When CM decided we wanted to raise the bar, in terms of luxury bedding, knew we wanted to address temperature control. Through many long brainstorming sessions and lots of market research, Stephen Schiller, our CEO, discovered Outlast.  Being avid outdoorsmen, the Outlast technology truly peaked our interest.


3. The Prana line of mattresses is ‘dedicated to restoring life’s energy through sleep’  The word prana itself  is associated with yoga and Rodney Yee, who is the most sought-after yogi in America, is the face of PranaSleep.  He has made over 30 videos and has appeared on
Oprah. How did he become a part of the PranaSleep line and did he have any input in its development?  

—Stephen Schiller, an avid yogi, tracked Rodney down at a yoga convention in Colorado.

4. City Mattress has stores in the states of New York and Florida.  Are there any plans for the company to go nationwide so my dear friend in
Las Vegas can enjoy your great products? 


—Your friends in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world can now purchase a pranasleep mattress at

—Any brick and mortar expansion will be in Florida in the foreseeable future.

5. You’ve stated that one of your interests is  having a better business every day and being the market leader. ‘Fess up, have you ever gotten great advice from a Fortune Cookie?  I have my fortune, ‘We are here to create, not merely to survive’ taped up in the sleep lab!


—No but I did have my fortune read by a Chinese girl named Kuki.  In October of 2008, Kuki told me to keep my money in my mattress.

6. On March 22, 2008, World Water Day, you and your college roommate, Brax Cutchin, (Brax and Marc: Charity Water) reached the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro. The climb was to raise awareness for the need of clean water in Africa.  Your monetary goal was $19,340-which equaled $1 per foot.  That amount would finance the construction of five clean water systems.  Do you have any plans to raise awareness of the need for clean water here in the US, especially Florida?  


—Not specifically, but I have an interest in the everglades restoration project which is closely related to the fight for clean water.  

 7. Speaking of Florida-it’s flat lands, swamps and tropics doesn’t lend itself for mountain climbing!  How and where did you train?  

—Well there’s really nothing that can prepare you for Kili. –Aside from getting to altitude, however, I did lots of cardio in the weeks before the trip.


8. I remember seeing ads on TV for the movie, ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro’ based on the short story by Ernest Hemingway, which starred Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner  and Susan Hayward. And I grew up watching Disney’s ’The Jungle Book’ and then having the song, ‘The Bare Necessities’ stuck in my head for days!  A whole new generation of children was introduced to Africa with Disney’s ‘The Lion King.’ What was the catalyst for your love of the country?

—It’s really hard to determine the origin of my intrigue but I’ve always been drawn to all things Africa–the culture.

9. Your fellow adventurer, Brax Cutchin, is musician/songwriter. When you were in Africa, did you listen to any of the Bongo Flava Hip Hop or dance to the African Rumba?  And if you did,any video’s posted on YouTube? 


—As a matter of fact, yes.  I was introduced to Bongo Flava in Tanzania.  It’s funny how music fits so well into a culture. Bongo Flava does exactly that.


10. Marc, your face and easy going manner is instantly recognizable on TV as the spokesman for City Mattress.  Did you take any theater classes in college?


—No theatre classes in college or after. While I appreciate your compliment, maybe you never saw my first few commercials!!


 Brax and Marc on Kilimanjaro (Charity Water)


 Thank you Marc for answering our questions and giving us such a wonderful product to help us sleep!





























































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